1. Coulibaly

    We truly gained from those professionnals an insight into the job market that would undeniably help us cope with the future obstacles.Hats off to them!

    • Nancy A. Locke

      So very nice to see you here, sir! Your questions in class always make the evenings that more useful and interesting. Thank you for your active and invaluable participation in the exchange of ideas.

  2. This is fantastic Nancy and it shows your commitment and dedication to your students. Translation programs need this type of approach. Translators need to be prepared for the market. No question about it. Thank you for your constant efforts to raise the bar in translation and translator’s training.

    • Nancy A. Locke

      Thank you so much, Lola! I couldn’t do half the job without the support of my peers and colleagues.

  3. Thank you Nancy for offering these reality checks to the students that we may be hiring at one point. It is SOOO important to set the expectations in this wonderful, yet very demanding industry!

    • Nancy A. Locke

      My pleasure, Fabien. I certainly couldn’t do my job without the help of folks in the trenches, like you!

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