1. I certainly hope that more people notice this terrible saturation of negativity! The way to beat evil is not to talk it to death. This only creates anxiety. I know, I used to be an apartment complex manager and in case you didn’t know, this ihas been listed as the second most dangerous job next to a police officer. I’ve been threatened, cussed out, and bad-mouthed more than most people will be n their whole life. But, was the way to get over it to go home and worry myself to death over it? No!
    It’s much easier for a reporter to report on a tragedy than to do some digging to find something good that happened! Our news media needs to get a brain!! All they are doing is making America into a state of paranoia.
    They are too eager to get a story instead of using some sense. You get a whole newscast of negative garbage and then one story at the end about the citizen who did something good. There’s a lot more good going on if they only had the guts and the initiative to search it out. God bless those people who are trying to present some good news as a balance before we all end up running insanely around yelling “doomsday, doomsday, doomsday!” The news media is culpable for a terrible lack of judgement!
    Very attractive website, by the way!

    • nancy_locke@sympatico.ca

      I had no idea that being an apartment complex manager was so dangerous although, as you describe it makes sense. Thanks for visiting, Michael, and weighing in. It’s nice to know there’s a reporter out there who can see the good.

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