Nancy A. Locke covering Translation World Montreal

Since 1999, I have written over 50 non-fiction articles relating to language matters that have appeared in mass market press, specialized journals and trade magazines both online and in print in the U.S., Canada and Europe: Suite101, The Globe and Mail, Multilingual, Intercom (journal of the Society for Technical Communications), The Chronicle (journal of the American Translators Association), tcworld (published in Germany, a trade journal for technical communicators), and Localisation Focus (Dublin, Ireland). Since 2011, I have written freelance editorial copy for mass market print media, blogged and ghost-blogged on a range of topics including language matters, language technology, audiology, transportation and logistics, aboriginal affairs, mental health, and film.

Nancy Locke has been writing articles for our magazine “MultiLingual” since 2001. Her writing is clear, accurate, and a joy to read. – Donna Parish, publisher, Multilingual magazine (U.S.)

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