I am a published writer and experienced translator, and an enthusiastic teacher, coach and public speaker An egghead with a side of ham, all of my my professional activities have given me a lifelong licence to learn, a very-important-pass to knowledge, for which I am eternally grateful.

Adept at and keenly interested in social media, a range of platforms give me a powerful and effective way to share ideas and collaborate.
In all areas, I tend to be curious, fearless and self-directed. Willing to take on challenges, I have had my share of failures and disappointments, but developed the ability to learn from the toughest experiences and apply the lessons learned to the next objective.


It’s always and ever been about the writing.

  • avid blogger
  • voracious reader and researcher
  • creative writer, novelist
  • brand and traditional journalist with a special interest in language matters


For me, translation is a natural extension of writing.

  • marketing, web content, white papers and research
  • transcreation and adaptation
  • social sciences
  • arts and culture
  • internal communications and policy
  • speechesTeaching | Coaching | Public Speaking

Teaching | Coaching | Public Speaking

Thanks to my students and audiences, whether in a group or one-on-one context, teaching, coaching and training, and public speaking keep me honest.

  • entrepreneurship
  • social media
  • language matters
  • writing
  • English (advanced speaking and writing for non-English speakers)

To learn more, take of tour of this site.  Also, please feel free to drop me a line.