1. It’s sad that the marketing world is now exploiting the power of the story, and you’re absolutely right, Nancy, in pointing that out. Let’s hope that the concept of storytelling is as indestructible as the concept of love or even terrorism; we can’t eliminate something that is just a construct of our mind(s).

    It’s easy to see how this happened, now that we’re 25 years into our digital experiment. Without the traditional gatekeepers keeping us dammed up, people are sharing a flood of stories with all the inherent trappings of drama. We’re in an era of drama-obsessive communications, but hopefully the storm will subside and stories will survive.

    • nancy_locke@sympatico.ca

      Lorrie B, you have the GREAT distinction of being the first to comment on my new blog. Thank you. That a post on “story” would attract your attention doesn’t surprise me. Coupland’s reflections on the future of the story as a framework for our lives is compelling. I think folks can still tell the difference between blather and authenticity. As for the future …

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