Courses and Workshops in Detail


Social Media for True Beginners

You suspect that social media platforms might help you jumpstart your career but are overwhelmed by the choices and don’t know where to start? This course will give you a bird’s eye view of four major social media platforms—Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter—as well as a quick tour of some other popular choices. Once you know a little more about how these platforms work and what the key advantages of each are, you will be better able to make an informed choice about which platform suits your objectives. And better prepared to take the plunge.

Blogging101Blogging for True Beginners

Do you have a passion, a product or service you would like to share online? Have you ever thought about starting a blog? This course will introduce you to the the nuts and bolts of blogging with a special focus on SEO-optimized structure.

StrictlyBloggingStrictly Blogging Workshop

Writing solo can be sheer hell. If you’ve already got a blog, or have drafted some posts but are too nervous to hit “publish”, this workshop is for you. A golden opportunity to learn more about blogging best practices, you will also be able to share your work with peers in a respectful and supportive environment. What better way to polish your online style and gain confidence?

LinkedIn_201LinkedIn: The Seriously Professional Social Media Platform

You’ve nailed the social side of social media on Facebook, but now you want to transfer that expertise to LinkedIn? Whoa! LinkedIn, a powerful platform for jobseekers and freelancers, requires an entirely set of skills and a purelyprofessional approach. Increasingly, employers, companies in search of contract expertise and recruiters are turning to LinkedIn to find and vet employees and freelance resources. On LinkedIn, first impressions are lasting impressions. Explore best and even better practices in order to tap LinkedIn’s potential.