Stop Wasting Time Networking


Networking can mean the difference between surviving and truly thriving for both freelancers and a full-time employees. Just “making the rounds” when you’re at loose ends or have a few bucks in your pocket, however, can burn up valuable time and money. Effective networking requires thought and planning. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time. Networking … [Read more…]

Accidental Sabbatical


Buster Keaton from Wikimedia Any freelancer can tell you how it goes. In a nutshell: feast or famine. The trick? Squirrel away as much cash as possible while you can and hope it can hold you over during the inevitable dry spell. Of course, one little bump in the road can knock you into the … [Read more…]

Le café Petit Flore: HQ away from home


In Montreal, every neighbourhood has at least one little bistro open comfortably early for a leisurely breakfast, reasonably late for a nightcap and nosh. Brunch on Saturday and Sunday is a lengthy reservations-recommended affair; such eateries are packed from 10 in the morning to nearly 3 in the afternoon. For freelancers working from home, such places … [Read more…]

YouTube for Translators: Beyond Networking to Knowledge Mining


Category: As if!Dreaming in colour with clipart As a professional translator in an “adapt or die” economic context, you know the importance of social media when it comes to building and maintaining a professional network both online and off. What you might not know is that other social media platforms can be a godsend when … [Read more…]