Translators: Luddites or Simply Sceptical


Photo courtesy of Jerry Segravesvia Wikimedia Commons For 20 years or so, innovations in information technology have had significant impact on long-accepted practices in translation and transformed a cottage industry into an important part of a larger, global language industry. For at least as long, translators have been tarred with the Luddite brush. In fact, … [Read more…]

On/OffLine | Virtuel/réel


On/OffLine | Virtuel/réel News, Issues, Events  | Actualités, enjeux, événements update     08 • mai/may • 2013     mise à jour Celebrating World Press Freedom Day (May 3) Brave Women Bloggers | The documentary Forbidden Voices features Farnaz Seifi (Iran), Yoani Sanchez (Cuba) and Zeng Jinyan (China), three women who defy significant odds and risks … [Read more…]

Book Review: Here Be Monsters by Jamie Sheffield


Taking a chance on a debut novel by an unknown author is risky business even when a well-known publishing house distributes the book with the blessings of respected reviewers and pop culture pundits. Plunking down ten or fifteen bucks for self-published ebook is an even greater leap of faith. I have always believed, however, that … [Read more…]

Machine Translation: Should Translators Be Worried?


In the beginning there was the word, then there were lots of different words and different languages and, ever since, humans have tried to a) create a universal language, or b) develop ways to translate faster, cheaper, and better. Thanks to significant advances in machine translation (MT) technology, access to massive amounts of already translated … [Read more…]