Reading for a Rainy Day


Spring in Montreal, like fall, an in-between season of raw grey days, sometimes snowy but mostly rainy, sends me running for shelter between the covers of a tried and true classic: Tess of the D’Urbervilles. I can’t remember the first time I read it, but I read it at least once a year at times … [Read more…]

Three Variations in the Key of Icon


Via Wikimedia Commons Steven Jobs inspired a full range of reactions, all strong. He also provided fodder for countless lines of copy online and off, and inspired at least one novel, a film and a biography. Except for his name and his connection to the Mac, my first and forever favourite computer, I knew very … [Read more…]

A Farewell to Books


Tower of Used Books by Jorge Royanvia Wikimedia Commons I have spent the better part of my life in libraries and bookstores. I now have my own library, a collection that, over the years and despite many moves, has grown to include hundreds of books. Once a source of great pride, recently, my library has … [Read more…]

On Reading: Unbroken Bliss


How rare is it to go on a reading jag and pick winning reads, zero brain candy, one right after the other? In my experience, fairly rare. And yet, when the stars align … Like most people, I choose to read the books of writers I know and love. If Russell Banks published a grocery … [Read more…]