Dust of Snow


After weeks of bitter cold, then weeks of soggy raw, the snow fell over the weekend. Sunday morning, a pristine blanket of white over gritty brown, transformed the landscape. I headed out to visit my island, an islet really, snugged up against the northern shore of Montreal where, despite the ever-present hum of distant traffic, … [Read more…]

A Farewell to Books


Tower of Used Books by Jorge Royanvia Wikimedia Commons I have spent the better part of my life in libraries and bookstores. I now have my own library, a collection that, over the years and despite many moves, has grown to include hundreds of books. Once a source of great pride, recently, my library has … [Read more…]

Resolvō, Resolvimus: Living 2014 in Latin


For the last few weeks, we have all been sucked into the resolution vortex. Online, New Year’s resolutions have provided rich blog fodder. Offline, newspapers and magazines devote endless copy to the topic. At home, people draw up interminable “should’n must” lists, check them at least twice then tape them to the fridge, ground zero … [Read more…]