Le café Petit Flore: HQ away from home


In Montreal, every neighbourhood has at least one little bistro open comfortably early for a leisurely breakfast, reasonably late for a nightcap and nosh. Brunch on Saturday and Sunday is a lengthy reservations-recommended affair; such eateries are packed from 10 in the morning to nearly 3 in the afternoon. For freelancers working from home, such places … [Read more…]

The Fluency Trap


The language landscape in Quebec can be both stimulating and, for translators, maddening. In Quebec, both native French-speakers and English-speakers like to think they are “parfaitement bilingue”, i.e., fluently bilingual. While it is true that many people, particularly in Montreal, switch fairly easily between spoken and written French and English on a daily basis, they … [Read more…]

Lac-Mégantic: Adding Insult to Injury


Lac-Mégantic before the explosionPhoto credit: Simon Villeneuve Fifteen dead, 60 missing according to the most recent news reports coming out of Lac-Mégantic. The devastating explosion will leave its mark on the community for years to come. And the Montreal, Maine Atlantic (MMA), the company that owns the train responsible for the catastrophe, may never recover … [Read more…]

Earth Day: Been There, Done That, Forget the T-shirt


On Sunday, Mother Nature blessed Montreal with a brilliant sun and mild temperatures. Early afternoon, crowds gathered on the Quartier des Spectacles plaza for the Earth Day march. Despite the perfect weather, the drums, the picket signs that ran from droll to dire to laughably irrelevant, folks seemed subdued. The number of participants was down, … [Read more…]