Ghyslain Raza: The Calm after the Maelstrom


Jerry Segraves via Wikimedia Commons [Une version française est maintenant disponible grâce à la générosité de Marise Duquette.]I finally realized what bugged me about the “dance like no one is watching” videos. They turn up in my feed with some regularity accompanied by feel-good reminders to get your yayas out wherever and whenever. You know … [Read more…]

Media: The Newest Journalism


Newsflash: Journalism — old, new and everything in between — is dead. The first truly famous newspaperman I ever idolized was Superman. In addition to his superpowers, mild-mannered Clark Kent used his privileged access to the breaking stories to get the jump on evil villains. When journalists Woodward and Bernstein became newsmakers, childish admiration for … [Read more…]

ZOMG! @Twitter Rocks


I am on the record for publicly maligning Twitter, and the habitués of  twitterdom (I called them “twits” if memory serves). I just didn’t get it. Naturally verbose, I couldn’t imagine the merits of a 140-character limit. I did imagine, however, gigazillions of meaningless twaddle and dross posted by cybernerds, media hounds, sycophants and celebrity … [Read more…]

Technologie : ressaisissez-vous!


[« Technology: Get a Grip! »,  traduit par Marise Duquette] Un chaleureux portrait de famille illustre Les bébelles électroniques, un article de Micheline Duff paru récemment dans La Presse : Micheline, entourée de ses trois petits-enfants, regarde en souriant son appareil mobile. Deux garçons aident grand-maman à naviguer; une fillette pianote sur son propre gadget … [Read more…]

Technology: Get a Grip!


[Version française]A heart-warming family portrait illustrates Les bébelles électroniques [tr. Electronic Gadgets], an essay by Micheline Duff recently published in La Presse: Micheline grins down at a handheld device surrounded by three grandchildren. Two boys help grandma navigate; a girl noodles with her own pink device. The caption tells us that grandma is “discovering the … [Read more…]