The proFile Series: Real People, Real Stories


Some of the most fun I’ve had writing entailed interviews, an opportunity to discover what makes people tick. Since I like fun as much as the next blogger, I decided to focus more on  interviews. Announcing The proFile Series featuring (mostly) language pros with a story to tell. One day, if subjects are willing, I might even figure … [Read more…]

Newsflash: Molière and Shakespeare Are Dead


Photo credit: Mariusz Kubik via Wikimedia Commons People love to grouse about corporate double-speak, overused acronyms, SMS slipping into formal communications and emoticons. My pet peeve: radio jocks who haven’t refreshed their patter since discovering Charles Aznavour. Seriously, using the expression “la langue de Molière”, to signify French, and its corollary “la langue de Shakespeare” … [Read more…]

Cut-rate or Quality, It’s a Choice


Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’svia Wikimedia Commons In the past few years, translation technology has turned an important corner. Thanks in part to high profile advances unveiled by Google Translate, increasingly reliable and relatively cheap machine translation has got translators in a lather. Daily, translator blogs devote countless words fueled by boundless scoffery to … [Read more…]