Father’s Story


Thomas had been sent to pick me up at school and bring me back to Joplin for the summer. I would be fourteen in July and was certainly old enough to take a train like some of the other boys but Mother insisted. She was in Rome that summer with husband number two by my … [Read more…]

Fiction: Chain Letters (excerpt)


To MB — first-loved, too long lost boy. Chooch Donovan fought to stay awake. He usually worked days when the patchwork landscape and activity in the backyards, back lots and loading docks kept him alert. But at three in the morning, the train drilled through a featureless woolen gray darkness, the track two bright threads … [Read more…]

Metronome Man


Forget Minnesota Fats. Metronome Man’s built like a cue stick, long and lean. Short-cropped, thinning hair gives his head the aspect of a stick’s felt-y tip. Loose-limbed in loose jeans and a limp black T, the neck gaping open, he shoves up the long sleeves to the elbow. A sparse chestnut-colored goatee, no more than … [Read more…]