Am I Blue?


Snow and cold rain lashed Montreal last Monday. By Friday, the last feeble storm of winter was long forgotten. Temperatures climbed. Thick clouds like cotton batting hung over the city, amber spots appeared where the sun tried valiantly to push through. Geese in v-formation clacked high overhead, cardinals flamed in the upper reaches of trees, … [Read more…]



« Ne dis-moi pas que tu aimes ça ! » Deux ans déjà et Josée n’en revient toujours pas. Elle travaille à la caisse et en plein hivers sa peau est radieuse, toujours bronzée de son voyage annuel au sud. Dehors, une pluie froide d’avril tombe d’un ciel la couleur d’ardoise, fait fondre la neige … [Read more…]

Tsunami Dreams

NancyALocke_Tsunami Clipart Collage

To each her nightmare. As a child, for years I dreamed that the world had morphed into a metal wiffle ball. Barefoot, lashed by wind that whistled through the hollow globe, I attempted to walk the struts, to not fall into the void. My feet ached from the cold, stuck to the metal. Losing the … [Read more…]