Immigration: Giving Thanks


Thanksgiving, traditionally a harvest festival, has always been a relatively secular opportunity to reflect on abundance. Folks eat a big meal then loll around digesting in front of a television tuned to football. Yesterday, an article in the newspaper about an immigrant family gave me food for thought. With visas in hand, the family had … [Read more…]

Exposition World Press Photo 2012 : Émotions à l’état brut


[« World Press Photo 2012 Exhibit: Raw Emotions! »,  traduit par Marise Duquette.] Le soleil plombe sur le Vieux-Port. Les autobus touristiques déversent des masses de visiteurs rougeauds dans leur attirail coloré d’automne : confortables pantalons en velours côtelé, chandails de laine et chaussures pratiques. Les touristes se baladent derrière leur guide, caméra à la main, prêts … [Read more…]

World Press Photo 2012 Exhibit: Raw Emotions


[Version française de Marise Duquette.] The sun beats down on the Vieux Port. Tour buses disgorge clutches of ruddy-faced visitors dressed in bright autumnal gear: comfy cords, wool sweaters and sensible shoes. The tourists traipse after their guides, cameras at the ready, to snap pictures of battlegrounds transformed into gardens studded with monuments to past … [Read more…]

FestiBlues: End of Summer Blues


The second weekend in August, the International FestiBlues celebrated its 15th anniversary in Ahuntsic Park. After weeks of hot and sunny summer weather, rain came down in buckets three days out four. Undaunted, die-hard festival fans turned up with enormous umbrellas and creative waterproof ensembles, many of which resembled brightly coloured condoms.  Saturday night, organizers … [Read more…]