I once worked with a woman who would say, in the midst of soul-scorching upheaval, “Change is good.” Each time, she would unleash a shrill giggle of delight at her delicious (if not terribly original) wit. Made me crazy.
What made me really crazy was that she was right. Change is good. Or at least it's entirely normal and natural. Inevitable.
So, after blogging here since April 2011, I've decided to pull up stakes and move on. Online, not physically. Once I have found new digs, I will let you know.

In the mean time, keep ch-ch-changing!

Invisibility, a Has-Been Superpower

Quick! If you could have any superpower right now, what would it be? Invincibility, the ability to morph into just about anything or fly, or piercing x-ray vision? For me, it’s a no-brainer. Invisibility. Think about it. If you could disappear at will there’d be no need to morph into an invincible monster, don a silly cape or use your x-ray eyes to suss out if your opponent is packing. Whatever the threat, you could just vanish and scoot. Unfortunately with all the buzz about the importance of visibility, invisibility has lost its allure.

Newsflash: Molière and Shakespeare Are Dead

Photo credit: Mariusz Kubik
via Wikimedia Commons
People love to grouse about corporate double-speak, overused acronyms, SMS slipping into formal communications and emoticons. My pet peeve: radio jocks who haven’t refreshed their patter since discovering Charles Aznavour. Seriously, using the expression “la langue de Molière”, to signify French, and its corollary “la langue de Shakespeare” to signify English, followed by a knowing chuckle, is just plain tiresome. After all, Molière and Shakespeare are dead.
Note bene : Une initiative du cœur et non commerciale, sauf où bien indiqué, le contenu en français n’est pas révisé. Merci de votre compréhension. Je vous invite à me signaler des erreurs.