Missing the Movies

Drive-in at Fields Point (National Archives)
One sign that you have officially become a cantankerous oldster? Whining about how, back in the day, everything was o! so superior. Statements that start with “when I was your age” and include a lot of -er words. The snow was deeper, people worked harder, food was better, kids were smarter, things were blacker and whiter. Er, er, er. Having reached that point where diplomatic folks might describe me as being “of a certain age”, I strenuously resist falling into the nostalgia trap.  

That said, there are things that I truly miss. Example: going to the movies.

Zen and the Art of Blogging

Enso Circle
Calligraphy by Kanjuro Shibata XX "Ensō (円相)
Nearly a year ago, for several reasons, I decided to blog daily. For the most part, I succeeded. Not two months into the 2014, however, a series of events pitched me into an existential funk, my posts became erratic then I ceased blogging entirely. The anniversary of my decision to blog daily is just around the corner and, yes, I’m back at it. Wiser? I hope so.

Dust of Snow

After weeks of bitter cold, then weeks of soggy raw, the snow fell over the weekend. Sunday morning, a pristine blanket of white over gritty brown, transformed the landscape. I headed out to visit my island, an islet really, snugged up against the northern shore of Montreal where, despite the ever-present hum of distant traffic, I can always find tranquility, soul-healing quiet and peace.
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